What to know before starting An Amazon FBA Business

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Let’s start by defining what the term FBA means. It is “Fulfilling by Amazon”. Concretely this approach is to find a product that you will produce in a country such as China, Vietnam or Taiwan. Then, you will create your brand and sell this product on the Amazon platform. Then the question comes, but how do you manage logistics? Precisely, Amazon offers a logistics management service for you. Instead of delivering your products to your home or warehouse, you will ask your supplier to deliver your products directly to an Amazon warehouse. You will be able to delegate the management of your stock, the shipping of your articles in 48h months via the Amazon Prime service and the after-sales service. With the help of the Clickfunnels price you can now have the best support.

Where to start?

The first thing to do in expert opinion if you want to move forward with this approach would be to analyze and browse different products on amazon.com. You will be able to see the type of products sold by the most popular Amazon FBA sellers. Then the second thing to do is to install the AMZScout or Jungle Scout chrome extension to analyze the products that get the most sales. These extensions will estimate the number of sales for each product based on the best sellers ranking. In my experience, their estimate is accurate in 90% of cases.

How to find his product?

Then we come to the question of how to find the product that will allow you to work quietly from your couch and never be paid. Of course, there are several methods to this. Here you will be introduced with two methods that work. The first is to do a search on Google stating: “Bestselling Amazon” then you can click on the category of your choice. The idea is to find a product that generates enough sales validate a large demand but be careful not to fall into the trap of product too simple to manufacture and therefore very simple for Amazon FBA sellers to replicate. It must be admitted, this method is only interesting if you can bring a real added value to your customers.


The simple fact of finding a product that generates a lot of sales will not be the only factor of success. You must find a way to improve this product. The second method is to search directly from Alibaba. You will find product catalogs and you will be able to ask your suppliers if they can improve their products with your technical specifications.

Find your product on Alibaba

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In this part, we will talk about strategy. If you look at the products that are selling between 18 dollars and 25 dollars on Amazon, you can deduce that these products will cost you between 2 and 6 dollars per unit to produce including shipping costs and customs fees and VAT. The idea is to find a supplier and a product that will respect this logic to keep margins sufficient. Experts advise you to select the option “Trade Insurance” and “Gold Supplier” ensuring the quality of your supplier.