Teenager life turns into darkness

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We all know that cigarette is a bad thing, and it is terrible for health also. So many countries, cigarettes is an illegal product. To overcome this product e-cigarette is introduced, and it’s similar to a cigarette. But smoke is entirely chemical and more harmful to the body, but an e-cigarette is a less toxic and less chemical stuff while compared to cigarettes. E-Cigarettes have first introduced as Juul in the US. It goes to the outside of the country, and it becomes more prevalent in smoking persons and youngsters. It made hugely popular in Australia. After the US, juul australia  has made a significant impact in Australia. But unfortunately, the Australian government banned the e-cigarette and earned a law in the country. But Juul is continuing selling in ban countries also.

juul australia

Usage in human life

Teenagers were more attracted to this Juul’s product, so that usage of nicotine gets reversed. Some Americans did a project about the usage of juul in different age groups. In that results in 15 to 17 aged teenagers’ use 16% of Juul products, and it is higher than 25-34 aged people’s, 18-21 aged teenagers use 11% of Juul users. In middle school and high school itself, Juul products became more popular. These school students used Juul product more while compared to college students or working person. Juuling is a word used mostly by teenagers instead of Juul. In 2018, the National Drug Committee published that cigarette usage has decreased in teenagers, but on the other hand, e-cigarette gets increase more in youngsters or teenagers’ lives. After the research was published, the committee and the country made many programs in schools to avoid cigarette and e-cigarette usage.

The program doesn’t make an impact on teenagers’ minds. It increases enormously from 11% to 21% in just one year for 12th-grade student’s life. Likewise, it also doubled as 8% to 16% in 10th-grade student’s life. These teenagers used the Juul product at least three times a month, and some other used ten times a month. The report also shows that teenagers used Juul products, not for experience, its for a daily basis. Juul’s creators tell that the product is for the adult smoker and it is eliminating the cigarette in life. Juul gets more popular in teenagers’ life because of design, flavours, and safety. One funny result has found in a recent survey that takes place in 2017, and it was 63% of teenagers don’t know what has been used in the Juul product. They all assuming it contains only water vapour and no nicotine. Till now, most teenagers don’t see the risk that has hidden in the juul product, and it is all due to lack of education. In 2016, former Pax Labs CEO told that Juul is for only legal age people. If kids use it, then it leads to tobacco addiction. The Juul product’s primary advantage is its size, and it is very compact and easy to use. Another one is that vapour comes out as scent, which is similar to perfume, so it can also have used in class and the smells like perfume, so no one gets identified the use of an e-cigarette. Teenagers more like fruit and crème Brule flavour in Juul’s product. From the US food and administration, the department tells that juul more attractive because of smell and cigarettes is unlike smoke smell for teenagers.