Tips for improving landing pages that really work

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Data that we can access very easily today can fundamentally change our online marketing strategy. The landing page is an integral part. How to improve it?

The amount of purchasing behavior data we have today is a blessing for merchants. Data that we can access very easily today can fundamentally change our online marketing strategy. The landing page is an integral part. How to improve it to help our business as much as possible? With the WebsiteStrategies SEO Sunshine Coast you can expect the best options available now.

The basis is data analysis

Conduct success studies of your online marketing. Analyze the data and try to answer the question of whether there is any more information that could help you make your online advertising and SEO more effective.

Analyze responses to offers from AdWords and emailing

It is proven that most customers hear of interesting events and discounts. For example, you can create an offer as part of an AdWords PPC ad or email it. If you find that action offers ads work best, invest more in them and customize your action and landing page. You’ll likely be able to expect an even higher conversion rate.

When a customer enters your site, more specifically the landing page for your site, you should require them to take action to track conversions. Typically, this is a form or a purchase. We should not forget this step when creating the landing page.

Meet your customers.

Copywriters are likely to ask you for as much qualitative information about your customers as possible so that they can produce quality texts that will engage your audience to the maximum. Explore chats, online reviews, and other sources that your customers mention you. For an online survey, you can also ask to fill out a short form via email.

Eye tracking tests

WebsiteStrategies SEO Sunshine Coast

Your landing page should meet a few basic requirements. The user should find the information they are looking for in seconds, the graphics should be interesting but not disturbing, and calls to action should also be visible. For example, people can subscribe to a newsletter, book a free training session, or purchase your product. A well-visible button will then help them to perform the step they entered the site much faster and easier.

Eye tracking tests are very useful, so you can easily find out how users behave on your site, which parts of the page they are looking at most, etc. For example, can help you with this analysis. In addition, improved technology makes this analysis much easier and cheaper than before.

Web analytics

One of the most important parts of landing page optimization is web analytics, with which Google Analytics can help you. Track your campaign performance data, see where users are most lost, conversion rate, and bounce rate. All this information can help improve your landing page. In addition to Google Analytics, you can, of course, use other tools, such as Mixpanel or Adobe Analytics.

Watching where users are clicking, scrolling, etc. can also be very helpful in optimizing your landing page, and forms are often a big problem. For example, the online sites, which provides complete information about each form field, where people click on the site, tracks every click that precedes completion of an order, as well as how people scroll through the site, helps.