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In this century of rapid development of information technology, the range of methods for delivering documents to the addressee is constantly updated with new options.

E-mail exchange today is a standard practice in the work of each of us, and the issue of the widespread introduction of an electronic document exchange system is becoming the most urgent. At the same time, traditional methods of document delivery: mail, courier, courier or express mail do not cease to confirm their right to exist, because traditional paper work is still actively used in various areas of our lives. With the science article delivery you can have the smartest options now.

  • The part of the workflow that is responsible for documentary support of management processes is usually allocated into a separate block of document management processes.
  • Each of the mentioned methods of document delivery has its advantages and disadvantages. In a situation the originals of paper documents must reach the recipient thousands of kilometers away tomorrow. There is often only one way out use the services of a courier service.

Courier delivery services or express delivery services specialize in providing services for the delivery of express mail and goods throughout our country and around the world. Forwarding express shipments is carried out on a door-to-door basis. Departures are received at home or in the office, transported to the destination, where they are delivered to the addressee, or, upon delivery to the addresses of organizations, to an authorized representative of the organization by proxy. Courier delivery services can provide delivery of urgent items to almost anywhere in our country and the world in the shortest possible time.

How to choose the right document delivery service provider

In the field of courier business, many companies operate. Choosing one of them can be a daunting task. After all, not only the expenses that your company will incur for the organization of sending and receiving correspondence, but also the ability to preserve trade secrets, receive certain competitive advantages, and the ability of your company to conduct its activities in the most dynamic manner depend on how correct this choice will be. Shipments are always valuable and unique, which means that the courier delivery service has a great responsibility. That is why the decision to use the services of a courier delivery service can be one of the strategically important decisions for your company.

With cursory monitoring of the courier business market, it may seem that all of its players offer absolutely identical services and similar conditions for cooperation. But in fact, this is not entirely true. What should one pay attention to when choosing a courier service in order not to be mistaken and find a reliable partner in her person?

A responsibility

The courier company should take 100% responsibility for the items: for the delivery time, safety, confidentiality of the item. The contract must contain the item Contractor Responsibility, where the responsibility of the service provider must be clearly stated, and indicating sanctions for non-fulfillment of the contract.

science article delivery

What kind of responsibility can courier services offer?

Responsibility for loss or damage to the item: Some of the suppliers for the lost or damaged shipment without declaring value establish their liability in the form of compensation twice the amount of the tariff for shipping it. In case of loss of a shipment with declared value, the liability of the service provider is set at the amount of the declared amount when registering the valuable shipment.