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There are few games that cause as much fuss as Diablo III. Fans are enthusiastic, enthusiastic and even Blizzard quite used to it must be surprised by the crowd. To the disappointment of the same fans, the servers could not handle the login requests, although the problems here in Europe are not nearly as great as those in North America. Earlier this year we had a nice taste of ourselves when the requests for a beta rake for the RPG almost got our own servers to their knees. And we are also quite used to it. You can also Buy D2 items here.

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The login problems hit a controversial point of the game; who wants to play Diablo III must always be logged in to Blizzard. This is while Diablo is essentially a single-player game. That seems illogical, but it is not. Because if Blizzard has learned anything in the last decade, then it is that games should be more than just a campaign with a good story and good gameplay. Why don’t we ever hear Blizzard complain about piracy of PC games? Why does the company go against every prevailing trend? Because the Americans realized early on that a game should be more than just a story and some gameplay.

They keep coming

While too many colleagues are struggling to get those two elements in order, Blizzard understands that more is needed to make a game successful not only in the short but also in the long term. You must ensure that players keep coming back. You must, therefore, ensure that there is reason to come back. Blizzard has been successful for years with StarCraft, with Warcraft III, with World of Warcraft and with StarCraft II, and now also with Diablo III.

Because although it may not even be called a part of the game itself, the most important innovation in Diablo III is perhaps the ease with which you can share experiences. Not so much the ease with which you can chat with other players or see each other’s Achievements, but the ease with which you can invite other players to play together – and the added value that this offers.


The game is also completely geared to that. The entire campaign was made for teamwork. Of course, you can only go on the road, but if you don’t feel like teamwork, you will get a companion from Blizzard in the form of a follower. There are three of them, which you unlock in the first half of the campaign. You can choose one that you need to assist in battle. It is good that there are three that differ nicely from each other. For example, there is a nice match for each of the five playable classes. In that respect, the Followers are well thought out. To a limited extent, there is also something to adapt to the three. From eight skills you can choose four and you can replace some equipment with better equipment. However, the artificial intelligence of the three leaves something to be desired and playing with a Follower is really incomparable with playing with a human being of flesh, blood and brain.

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And then logging in to Blizzard is suddenly not so bad, because your friends list is always at hand and a partner in crime is quickly found. Then your Follower goes back to your base and it becomes really fun to hack and slash. It is also exactly the Blizzard touch.