The initial consultation – the first visit to the specialist Solicitor

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If you have chosen a specialist solicitor and asked you to contact him, the first consultation will start. In this introductory, clarifying conversation, you can tell the attorney your concern or case and jointly design and discuss possible strategies. At the same time, you have the opportunity to get to know the solicitor a little better and have a closer look at it before deciding whether to give him the mandate or not. You can also find a solicitor at Solicitors Guru there.

Which form of legal advice is best for you?

The initial consultation can be done in different ways. You should choose the shape that works best for you and is easiest to do. If you have found the nearest specialist solicitor 500 kilometres away from your place of residence, it will certainly not be possible to just drop by for a consultation, and you may have to resort to the telephone first.

Personal advice

If the law firm is close by, it can never hurt to meet with the attorney in his firm for the initial consultation. Much easier to explain when you sit face to face in a personal conversation, and you’ll get a good impression of your new solicitor and get to know him a little better. Important documents can be brought to you at the same time and reviewed together.

Initial consultation on the telephone

If it is not possible for you to go to the law office for an initial consultation because of the physical distance, you can also conduct the call over the telephone. This can be necessary, especially if there are only very few specialist solicitors in Germany in the relevant field of law.

In these cases, you can arrange a first, in-depth phone call with the solicitor by first describing the problem to the solicitor and then discussing different solution strategies with him.

Depending on the seriousness of the problem, it will also become clear whether it is necessary for you to meet with the solicitor once or several times in person or if the matter can also be settled without a personal meeting. It is very important to have good communication skills on both sides so that there are no misunderstandings.

Initial consultation by e-mail

As a medium for an initial consultation, email traffic is not really recommended. The communicative exchange is too tedious in this way, and a real conversation will be difficult to guide in this way.

However, you can use the email traffic, in addition, to giving the specialist solicitor in advance important documents or a short summary of your problem, in which he can read before the first interview. Especially if no personal meeting is possible, this is a good match.

Initial consultation via videoconference

With today’s technical possibilities, it is in most cases, no problem to communicate with the specialist solicitor via video conference. If you have no problem working with such technical means and the solicitor offers this possibility, the videoconference is preferable to a telephone conversation, since you can at least sit opposite the solicitor on the screen.

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Videoconferencing is also particularly useful if a third party is involved in the discussions, and it is not possible to reconcile all three persons in terms of space and time.