The characterization and overview of art

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Different scope of human activities has been known to be art. And then art is the one which provides the visual or auditory treat towards the creation of the imagination of the artist. That is the art is exposing the conceptual idea of the artist and also the imagination and the technical skills of the artist can be identified through the work of an artist. And for the imagination and then the skill of the artist can be appreciated for their emotional power or else with the beauty of the painting or art.  We can make out all types of hanging that can be installed with the help of the professional picture hanging services houston that would make better hangings on the wall. Painting, sculpture, and then architecture are considered to be the classical branches of visual art.

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An outline over arts: The works of the artists have existed among the human being over a long period according to the perspective history of mankind. The two types of art have been considered as contemporary art and pre-historic art. Outside the modern western societies, in the case, some of the theorists have been felt with the different concepts of the artistic works over creation. The older Latin meaning of the word art has been noticed as with the rough translation as craft or skill which has been accompanied with words like an artisan. In etymology, the word art has many of the definitions and they are changeable according to the use of the language. And after some time, the meaning of the word art has been questioned by some of the philosophers like Kant, Plato, Socrates, Aristotle among the other philosophers and writers.

The mannerism of art: In the sense of literary art and then with the music artists, it has been considered to be a comedy, tragedy, epic poetry, and then with the dithyrambic poetry an in the sense of music the art can be imitative. And those can be differentiated with the imitation which is considered according to the manner, objects, and then its medium of use. For an illustration, with the media of rhythm and harmony,  the world music can be imitated. And in the case of dance, the rhythm alone can be imitated, and then in the case of poetry, it can be imitated with the language.

The reference for the meaning of art: 

  • The word ‘art’ can be referred with the various things which could be known as,
  • The art is considered to be the study of creative skill
  • The process through the creation of creative skills
  • Art is known to be the product of creative skills.
  • And art is considered to be the experience of the audience with creative skills.

Being as discipline the creative art is considered to be the collection of disciplines where the artworks can be produced. Being an activity the art has been compelled with the personal drive. An individual’s emotions, thoughts, ideas, and beliefs can be stimulated with a sense of art. Taking to be the representation of the knowledge, the arts and science can be distinguished with science, and then the art can be considered as the freedom of expression towards the artist.