The Best of Rug Cleaning Now

Every one of us who has carpets at home gets into a situation where the carpets need to be cleaned. We should do this regularly and not wait for the carpets to be faded. Sometimes we just need to get rid of only fresh spots, sometimes we are forced to proceed to more vigorous cleansing. Do you not want to pay expensive money for companies that clean carpets or buy overpriced machines? A visit too comes perfectly now.

Does anyone in the family have allergies? Carpet, as a perfect allergen

Carpets are nice, especially in living rooms and bedrooms, often used in the children’s room. Their main advantage is that they look warm and nice. We can sit on the floor, walk barefoot without getting cold. On the other hand, carpets are dust traps that settle in them and create a breeding ground for mites. Carpets are also harder to clean when your child spills juice on the floor, simply wipe it off, when the same is done on the carpet, you will need to clean and clean.

Water cleaning or wet road

Probably every one of us will think of classical water cleaning. It is true that this method is vigorous and often also effective. However, it is not suitable for every type of carpet. Particular care should be taken with wool carpets or those with a wooden backing.

Before cleaning, select a suitable cleaning agent. According to the user experience, you can choose. If you own a really rare carpet or the above-mentioned wool piece, you should contact experts, in which case we do not recommend self-cleaning. For classic carpets, however, you can easily handle yourself.

For manual carpet cleaning, it is advisable to provide thick foam, which you brush wet the carpet. But be careful not to overdo it. The carpet should not be soaked. If this happens, it will not only dry for a long time but may lose its quality and color. Wipe the carpet foam with a clean, damp cloth.

How to look unsightly stains?

Especially owners of lighter or monochromatic carpets often fight unsightly stains. If you have a small child or a pet at home, stain cleaning will soon become a routine for you. Wool and polyester carpets are great for lemon juice and vinegar. On cotton, nylon or silk carpets, alkaline products such as borax or ammonia work best.

Dry cleaning

Another option, which is often very effective, especially on expensive carpets, is dry cleaning. However, we cannot fully recommend doing this yourself, because you will need a special powder and vacuum cleaner. The powder is slightly moistened for better dirt absorption. Let it work according to the instructions and then just vacuum it with a clean vacuum cleaner.

Our grandmother’s advice

Today we often rely on modern technology and preparations that make our lives easier. On the other hand, they are often expensive and do not have to be sold everywhere. If you need to quickly and efficiently clean carpets or stains, you can try the so-called baby advice used by our parents and grandparents.

Do you want to choose a less laborious way? Spread the baking powder over the carpet. Leave for several hours, ideally overnight, and then vacuum thoroughly. This option is not very suitable if you have small children or pets. Instead of baking powder, you can use whipping cream, which you will whip when you make the foam, brush it with carpet and dry after drying.