Smart Choices for the Laundry Usages

Commercial Laundry

Professional cleaning is an area where strong competition makes it difficult to choose the company that best fits your expectations. It is therefore necessary to know some elements before embarking on your choice. For Commercial Laundry this is important.

Commercial Laundry

First of all, you should know that the rate of a cleaning company in Switzerland of a service varies according to certain factors:

  • The human factor (working time and skills)
  • Products (cost)
  • Investments (auto-washer, steam engines, hoist, etc.)
  • The quality of the service (competence and time)
  • The type and importance of the cleaning contract (punctual, monthly, annual, etc.)

The human factor

It includes the salary of the employee (s) responsible for performing your service. It varies between and according to the professional category of membership in accordance with the collective labor agreement (CCT) as well as the diplomas and the training required to perform the service. ​


Most cleaning companies charge for the products they use. You have the right to ask where they come from for example, if you have environmental requirements or to provide them with the products yourself which could allow a downward negotiation of the tariff, but as a general rule it is in your interest to let the company take care of this because it is often more informed about cleaning products and benefits from discounts on their products.


Some works require investments in very expensive specific equipment, such as steam engines, scrubbers, scrubbers or injection-extraction shampooers for carpet, so they will add some of the depreciation of the equipment in the price.

The quality

You will not be charged the same for thorough cleaning and standard cleaning. Depending on your requirement, the company will set a higher or lower cleaning rate. Experts advise you to check what type of quality has been included in the cleaning estimate.

The type and importance of cleaning contract

Depending on the duration or volume of the contract or its regularity, the price will vary quite strongly. Indeed, the price of cleaning will be more expensive for one-off work than for a subscription of one or more years.

But generally, these factors are not determinative of price differentials in the sector. A cleaning costs about the same amount to all companies. On the other hand, there is a difference in the quality of work that is often determined by the number of hours used for cleaning. This creates a consequent price gap.

Choose your company

Now that you know the elements of cleaning rates, you still need to know how to choose the most appropriate company. Above all, you will need to establish a specification. Your wishes will be clear and precise, saving you time. Then you have to ask for quotes from various companies to get a complete tender. Business prices will vary a lot. You will have to select some of them.

The prices are fixed for indicative purpose they do not take into account the specificity of your request. Frequency, operation to be carried out, supplies products and equipment as well as machine to make available, desired level of quality. This determines the productivity so the price. You can help yourself from this table to select the few companies that fit your budget.