Smart and Effective Travel Tips for You Now

travel tips

Before leaving, the doctor of the travel unit will advise you on a series of vaccines according to the countries and regions you are going to visit. It will also take into account the activities you plan to do and the way you travel. But you might want to change the program along the way. So, before you go headlong, take the time to think about the risks to your health. You need to have the best travel tips there.

travel tips

Learn to live in a humid climate

In the jungle, you should expect it to rain. It’s hot and humid, and when you’re not used to it, it can be difficult.

  • Generally, the outings are done on a half-day, leaving early in the morning to return at noon, etc. During our stay in the jungle, we take advantage of each return to the camp to take a shower, because with the heat it was getting cold (and washing!) was vital.
  • Considering this particular climate, think before taking out your electronic and photographic equipment.
  • In addition, in many jungle accommodations, electricity is not available all day. Check-in there for hours to make sure your camera battery is ready to charge at the right time.

Tell your loved ones

While traveling, we don’t spend more than two or three days without giving the news to our loved ones, even if it is only a sign of life, just to reassure them.

During our jungle expedition, we completely forgot to warn them that we would be cut off from the world for a week. we are not telling you about the state of our mailbox back to civilization, nor the concern that our loved ones had experienced during these few days of radio silence. In short, warn!

Protect yourself from mosquitoes

Protect yourself properly: do not go on an expedition without long clothes. Choose lightweight, breathable fabrics that dry quickly.

And above all, do not dry them outside: the caterpillars love the smell of sweaty clothes (each has their tastes!) And come to lay eggs. The problem is that once you put your clothes back on, you risk baby caterpillars growing under your skin.

Get equipped

In addition to long clothes, take a good backpack: one that fits well, not too heavy, breathable on the back and waterproof.

Also bring a good rain jacket, not a raincoat that sticks to the skin as soon as it gets wet and keeps all the heat in your body, without letting the skin breathe. Also, ask if boots are provided on-site: it is essential for going for a walk in the jungle off the slopes.

Avoid mosquito hunting

To avoid mosquito hunting in your home, it’s simple: limit the indoor/outdoor transitions and be brief! It is one of the first rules that we are taught when arriving in the jungle. Unfortunately during our stay, many disrespectful tourists disregarded it and liked to stop on the doorstep of the dining room to chat the door open, of course.

Be sure to have a mosquito net

Is your future jungle accommodation well equipped against mosquitoes: are there mosquito nets on the windows and an additional one above your bed? If this is not the case, we advise you to bring your mosquito net, under penalty of not closing your eyes at night.