No Cash, No Fun- Crypto currency coin as the wealthiest one

Money is the only thing which people value like anything. It is all about the verified form of databases of any accounts, transactions, and balances. To give a clear definition of crypto-currency, it is an internet-based medium that is exclusively made for the transactions financially, with the use of crypto-currency functions. It is started only after the invention of the block-chain technology. Crypto-currency and bitcoins are the two well-known examples. Storage of data, financial transactions, asset management and real estate are shown with so many uses. is the thing which we have discussed below.


A crypto-currency is a very big network which consists of Bitcoins. It helps to analyze one’s network.  Every man can know the history of their transactions and to know the balance amount of every account. When a transaction happens, it can be known to the whole network. But it takes some time to get known or confirmed. In crypto-currency, the major point of demerit is getting the message of confirmation. It is one of the difficult tasks to get the confirmation code. Unless it is confirmed, the transaction is doubtful. But once it is proved to be confirmed, it is strong and trustworthy.

Duty of Miners:

In Crypto-currency, miners have the responsibility to transact the money to various accounts. Until they do this work, people do not receive any notification of their transaction. Only when they start to work on this process, the transaction can be done and it moves from one account to another. After this confirmation is successfully done, every lump has to be added to the database. These things are formed into the shape and act as history to check any doubts; it is actually the part of the blockchain. As the job of the miner is very important in crypto-currency, as it should be done with much care, the team appreciates and rewards these people with Bitcoins.

Anyone can do this job, but in crypto-currency, as there is no authority to take care, it is very difficult to set this in a decentralized one. It needs a ruling party that manages the mechanism of this system to proceed in the right way before anyone start reporting about it. If someone has done huge transactions to so many accounts and does not get any confirmation code, it is considered to be a huge problem. The complete system gets corrupted because of this.


In order to set the procedure correct, Satoshi sets a principle that the miner should give something for their computers to get qualified by the task. For that, they should work on it to solve a proper set of confusion which has to be a product of crypto-currency. This helps to join the new masses with its precursors. This is named as the confirmation of work. There is a puzzle that the miners know to solve to continue on their work. Only after finding a solution to it, the miner can add to the blockchain. This helps him to win and collect Bitcoins. This is only to avoid the problems in the network of crypto-currency.