How do I get tickets for Manchester United?

manchester united tickets

Manchester United is a club from Manchester. The home games are played in the stadium ‘Old Trafford’ (also called the Theater of Dreams) that can accommodate 75,635 spectators. Manchester United’s biggest rival is fellow Manchester City, but the match against Liverpool, Arsenal, and Chelsea can also be described as top duels. Now with the champions league final tickets istanbul, you have the best chance to enjoy the perfect option.

The supporters of Manchester United are huge. The club is therefore known throughout the world for its acquired status through the successes of the past. It is therefore not surprising that all 55,000 season tickets for the 2017-2018 seasons were sold out in no time.

The Game Schedule

The game schedule is stated on the official website of Manchester United. Tickets for all Manchester United home games go on sale before the start of the season. Exceptions are the top matches because a draw is made for all members of the supporters club who have registered for that match. The draw will take place 6 weeks before the start of the relevant competition.

For many competitions, it is often easy to buy tickets when you arrive on time. But it is certainly worth it to take a £ 32 membership in the Manchester United supporters association. You then have priority when buying match tickets at the start of the season, you can win tickets to get the top matches, and you also get a £ 5 discount per card.

Via the ticket portal, you can see per game where there are still places available. Single competition tickets for the competition for the 2017-2018 season cost between 31 and 54 pounds. Please note, to order game tickets you need a (free) account from Manchester United and a credit card to pay.

Did competition sell out? Buy your tickets online

You can also try to get tickets for the event via the playing club. In England the branch is often not completely sold out so you can get tickets online or by telephone through the club via a general sale.

Look for airline tickets first, before you buy tickets due to flight times and prices.

Too much hassle, or does it not work? Then book your football trip here or buy individual tickets.

Visiting a football match in England, you must have experienced that as a football fan. The stadiums and the ambiance are delicious. But how do you actually arrange tickets for a match in the Premier League or one of those beautiful clubs in the Championship?

manchester united tickets

Take the plane to one of those great powers from Manchester?

Enter a few simple search terms, and you will find numerous companies that arrange everything: tickets, travel, and accommodation for you. At the same time, in many cases, it is just as easy to buy tickets yourself through the club you want to visit Europe’s football mecca. A lot more flexible and it saves you a lot. For the diehard football fan: a trip to Turf Moor, which has been the home of Burnley since 1883. Register once on the website of The Clarets, and you can easily order a number of tickets for a home duel.

A match of Palace in the football metropolis of London can be ideally combined with another match from the Premier League or the Championship. For matches against London rivals, it is difficult to get tickets through the club. For other duels, that should work fine via the Palace website.

At champion Chelsea, members and season ticket holders are given priority when purchasing tickets for home games. It is almost necessary to become a member if you want to attend a Premier League squatter or a Champions League match at Stamford Bridge. The Blues will most likely move to a new home in 2021. There is room for more than 18,000 extra spectators.