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In the “City of Dreams” added to Destiny 2 in a massive expansion Forsaken, you can find a lot of secrets. In the Garden of Esila, some players found a container called the Worm’s Chest, which wasn’t as easy to open as it might seem from the start. We will tell you what you need to do to get its contents. You can go for the trials of osiris flawless carry there.

trials of osiris flawless carry

Where to find the “Worm Chest”

If you go into the city through a tunnel going from The Strand, you can find a portal on the right side. Next to it, on the lower level, there is a fountain. And the Warded by Wormhost Chest just lies nearby. In order to open it, you need to find and destroy 10 worms hiding throughout the “Garden of Esila.” They look like green spiky larvae. True, they may not appear in their places all at once.

Where the worms to kill are hiding

The first worm can be found by going through the tunnel going from the “Coast”. The larva will lie on the left in the flower garden. A second worm hides at the top of the spire, south of the garden. The third larva lies at the garden gate, in the flowers surrounding the right pillar. And one more worm can be found near the chest, behind the waterfall. He will lie in the water. The fifth worm sleeps on a stone located at one end of the bridge. The one next to the huge tree, behind this very tree one more larva should appear sooner or later.

The seventh worm is hiding in a tree, next to a cliff in the western part of the garden. The eighth can be found in that part of the garden where dried trees stand. It hangs on one of the dry branches. West of the huge tree that grows near the bridge and in which two larvae have already been found a ninth worm should appear. The last victim was found on a rock, not far from the tunnel going from the “Coast”.

After killing 10 worms, you will open the mysterious “Worm Chest”.

In addition to the design unusual for Destiny 2, the revolver has unusual abilities: in the new Gambit mode, it does more damage than in all other game modes. Its additional property is that every fifth hit on the same enemy creates an explosion causing AoE damage. Despite the usefulness of this feature, it will be very situational, since not all opponents will be able to withstand so many hits from the Intruder. The method of obtaining, however, the revolver is far from the simplest.

Obtaining an Intruder

To obtain weapons, the developers did not provide any separate quests. Like, for example, the new Black Claw blade, an exotic revolver can be obtained only by opening one of the exotic engrams. This kind of engram is the rarest, which is why getting a revolver can take a very long time. We already wrote that one of the best ways to get them is to go through the “Nightfall Strike”, which, although it has increased both the complexity and the chance of getting an engram.

Destiny 2 is not only a shooter but also a very diverse MMO with role-playing elements. It has three global classes, and each class, in turn, has several subclasses with its own development branches.