The world is Facing a Crisis because of COVID-19

Coronavirus Statistics

Corona Pandemic:

The world is facing the biggest downfall due to this dangerous coronavirus, and the world has to be in lockdown and India also the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has ordered people of India to stay at home because of this virus. You can take this order that easy and it makes for a while for someone to understand about it. India is a country which is filled with billion of population, and also it is an area where you can see massive poverty in the states like Kolkata and Mumbai. This coronavirus has made the people stun only because of its power. I would guess that the Coronavirus Statistics in India would be around sixteen hundred cases which are confirmed so far.

Harmful Virus Stats:

India has seen forty-five confirmed death cases due to this coronavirus pandemic. It is such an outbreak in the country which consists of people like old, health deficiency people and also people who are suffering from poverty. Many of them are feeling right now that India is in the earlier stage of this virus, and it can be cured if necessary actions are taken place. This is happening almost two weeks in the United States and a month ago in Italy. These two areas are the most suffered area and have faced thousands of confirmed death cases due to this coronavirus. It is all happened due to the airline traffic, but people believed that it happens because of the people who came from China.

Many tourist people would travel one country to another, and through that, this coronavirus has transformed from one place to another. In Italy and America, it was quite small at the beginning. Still, later it has grown into vast which cannot be stopped by any forces and people over there are restricted to come out of their homes and also individual care taken for the people who are in contact with the patients who have confirmed COVID-19. So India has seen all this, and it is the right time to prevent Indian people. The Government of India is successfully undergoing this critical situation, and that is the reason why only limited numbers of cases are in India because of this Coronavirus.

Coronavirus Statistics

India’s Statistics:

In India, it is only about a thousand cases, and it has faced around thirty deaths. Now, the numbers may have grown, but while comparing other countries like Italy, America, India is facing a little problem. There is no proper evidence to know whether this coronavirus is reducing its power over people due to the changes happening in temperature. Though it is summer, some parts of India is frosty. The report says that the health-system capacity of people in India is weak all over the country and the bed counts in the hospitals are very low.

The lockdown at the right time is very helpful to control the coronavirus in India, and it is believed that it would slow down in a matter of days. If not, India would be in a dangerous position, and many politicians have acted upon this COVID-19, and the Government of India is doing its best part, which has to note here.