The 5 best ways to build backlinks to your website in 2021

best source for backlinks

Despite all of the changes to SEO over the past few years, there is still one factor that has not changed, link building as a ranking factor. Over 55% of all websites contain no backlinks pointing to them, according to the most recent backlink statistics.

In what way are backlinks used? How can they help you?

Your website is linked to other websites through these incoming links. A backlink is created whenever a web page is linked to another. Getting backlinks from quality sites is the key to success. Your Google ranking can improve and your referral traffic can increase with these backlinks.

Is your website getting a lot of backlinks but you are not getting traffic? In the past, search engines used only backlinks to determine a site’s ranking. A site with so many links is more likely to show up at the top of the Google search page. Until recently, this was mostly true. Learn five fantastic ways to earn lots of quality backlinks for your website (without begging).

These are the best source for backlinks to Create for your site:

1. Guest blog posts

You can get backlinks to your site the most easily through this method. By guest posting for robust blogs, you can get backlinks to your site the most easily.

A recent study found that blogging enhances backlinks to brands’ websites by 97%. In light of this, you should first search for suitable guest blogging sites.

  1. Broken links

How does it work?

This technique involves replacing a broken link with a working one, which is known as broken link building or dead link building. Simply replace the links to 404 pages with links linking to your website and you’re done.

Since no one wants dead links on their websites, this method is extremely effective and successful for earning backlinks. Instead, users are frustrated and have a bad experience.

In other words, if you notify sites that their links are bad, they will replace them right away (it’s the ideal situation).

3. Charts and infographics

Infographics are a great way to break up written text this year. It has a number of compelling advantages. Information can be retained with visual aids.

The latest findings on visuals demonstrate a 65% recall rate for the information seen with visuals and an 82% increase in attention span when visuals are presented.

4. Content in video format

Everywhere you look, you see videos.

During their buying journey, 70% of consumers prefer to watch video content. Furthermore, video demand will double by 2022. Video content provides 51% of marketers with the best return on investment.

best source for backlinks

With videos, customers will be more interested in your content and you will receive more backlinks. Like infographics, videos can convey information more quickly.

5. Commenting on blogs

By commenting on blogs, you can gain powerful backlinks. The comment section is a great way to establish relationships with bloggers and other audiences in your industry.

Bottom line

A backlink is like social proof of your credibility and authenticity. In analyzing your website, Google can recognize the reliability of your content when it finds high-quality backlinks pointing to it. In your opinion, which of the following methods is the most effective at getting backlinks? Let us know in the comments section below.