How much do you know about clairvoyance?

voyance par telephone

Clairvoyance is a new term, right? May be few of community people already know about the clairvoyance. But I am not one of them. Have you heard about the voyance par telephone ? In the beginning, I have no idea what is clairvoyance. Yes, this word is new to me and also a strange word, right? But the meaning of the word is not new to me. I will hit you the definition with one short example. It makes improve your understanding about the clairvoyance better. I am sure that everyone watched final destination movies, right? If you are watching, then you will know the theme of the movie. If you didn’t saw, then I’ll tell you. In this movie, the hero predicting the future before it happens. Yes, he saw the visuals before it happens. This is awesome, right? Can I ask you something? If you have this power, what will you do? You think, you will alter your life before it happens. For example, if you saw the tragedy happens then you will change your action, right? Yes, Newton was right. If there is action, there will be a reaction. But according to it is not possible 100%. Yes, it is not a time travel to alter your timeline, right?

Einstein to voyance:

Even though, according to Albert Einstein time travel is not a possible one. Can I elaborate that what is time travel simply? If any particle goes faster than the light particle or photons, then that particle will be experiencing time travel. This is a theme of time travel. Why is it not possible? Because photons have no mass. In the world there are no things without mass, right? so, can we tell Einstein also a clairvoyant? Maybe it will possible in the future. Yes, I am not a clairvoyant, right? This is a perfect example of clairvoyance. No, wait clairvoyance is not only about predicting the future. It is about predicting the past and even present also. Have you heard about ESP? It is nothing but is Extrasensory perception. We can tell this is the sixth sense. Do you believe we are using our sixth sense of 100%? If you believe you are wrong. According to the stats, even great scientist of the world is also using 20% percent of the sixth sense only. This is a power of sixth sense. Are you ever watching the scarlet starring Lucy? It is a movie about what happens if a woman using his brain 100%? This is a theme of the movie. I agree this is just a movie but if you watching, then you will experience the wonder of the human brain. Our brain is priceless. We can call palm readers and astrologers as clairvoyants. Yes, some people running a clairvoyant institute for making money and resolving other problems. They are consulting with their customers through phone calls. This is called clairvoyance by telephone or voyance par telephone. I am not sure but people believe in this.

voyance par telephone

Benefits of voyance par telephone:

  • First of all, they check you if you are eligible or not for the phone calls. Then only they give you a service.
  • This voyance par telephone is safe and private because through the phone calls I am not sure about phone tapping and phone hacking, ok?