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Facebook is an American online social media and social networking. Facebook was launched on February 4, 2004. Facebook is a popular social media. According to research, there are 75% of people use Facebook. Only above 13-year-old people allow entering Facebook. The name is coined by an American university student. Facebook is a very essential need of every people. Facebook service is world wide area service. facebook analytics report essential for business. Facebook is a device associated with an internet connection. On Facebook, we can upload personal information. With the help of Facebook, we can communicate all people. There is no place and time is needed. Facebook is a very popular social media every people like to use Facebook. We can easily communicate a famous figure; they interact with people on Facebook live. This becomes a very useful thing for people to get their inspiration from people. In Facebook live we can get more ideas related to medical future goals and some positive speaker speech. There are some negative things also on Facebook. People easily addicted to Facebook. Personal information was stolen by other people. Photo and other information are stolen by other people and they misbehave to the people. This is the biggest drawback of Facebook.

Facebook report

facebook analytics report

The Facebook report is analytics that gives a deeper understanding of the app and gives information for people understanding. We can use Facebook on business use not only Facebook there are many apps related to social media. According to analysis, 2 billion people have started the Facebook business. This is the biggest record and people suggest starting Facebook. There are many other social media is joined on Facebook even WhatsApp also started associated with Facebook. Some social businesses associated with Facebook are given that is Musical.ly, MusixMatch, and TinyCo. This is the biggest associated with Facebook.


Musical.ly is used various people with the help of musical.ly many people develop their talents. Musical.ly is very popular for every people and they get more interest to develop their like. Musical.ly become very dangerous for many people because people take risk do become famous in Musical.ly. it has become very dangerous for people so the government paned Musical.ly. Musical.ly also created many actors and actresses. Musical.ly used to create and engage a new target group of users. Once musically reach the high place because of Facebook support. Musical.ly is one of the best acting apps.


MusixMatch is a song lyric app and translate. This is an Italian music data company and used to download and share songs with the lyrics. MusixMatch has 73 million users from that 50 million active users are available. MusixMatch gives millions of job opportunities for people. MusixMatch is a mobile app display lyric that is also available. This is also available in your Tube, Deezer, etc.


TinyCo is a mobile video game associated with Facebook. This is created by marvel avengers associated academy. This is founded in the year 2009. The company started as a Facebook game developer and switched to the mobile app. This is a very interesting app for play. There are many Facebook reporting tool is also used by many people.