Bitcoin is first decentralized digital money

Bitcoin circuit

Bitcoin is one of the famous digital currencies which were decentralized in this society. Cryptocurrencies have become a global phenomenon by most of the human. It is still not understood by people. Governments, banks, and private companies are aware of this cryptocurrency. They also published papers about this cryptocurrency system. Someone should start a so-called blockchain project. That project shows the revolution of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency gets such huge coverage in the media. Many people should not know about the cryptocurrency system. So they also published about Bitcoin circuit to people. Still, people did not have a clear view of this cryptocurrency. People should fail to understand this currency. Cryptocurrency and digital coins is an increase in reported fraud activity related project. They should allow advertisements from cryptocurrency fraud and Facebook and Google also should be banned from this cryptocurrency. There is no worthy platform from this scam operation. They have many authorities issued in a public warning which were against cryptocurrency. We also have a concept which makes them expose the crypto scams.

Bitcoin circuit

Common crypto-currency scams

We have many cryptocurrency scams in this society. We should have some common cryptocurrency in these scams. It is useful to people. It is one of the important crypto scams in this system. They are

  • ICO fraud – It just works like a head started a campaign. Many investors should invest in a small coin. It should help the investor to gain value and become a substantial coin. It is a legitimate way to invest in a company. They also have a betting system on the future of the product. The investor should look for clear communication. If there is any doubt in these scams, we should take a step back in this cryptocurrency. We also have dignified ICO information available for their investor.
  • Exchange scam – Many companies should offer to allow investors to trade with their bitcoin currencies. Whether the company has a very strict withdrawal policy. They also ask us to deposit our BTC in their platform. It should never allow us to take them out. Many companies should move their business to these types of exchanges. Many of the investors were redirected to the use of the scam platform.
  • Payment fraud – Some platforms should allow us to take a loan to borrow a crypto coin. It should lead us to set a profit to the investors. Clients are allowed to purchase BCC tokens to keep the participants. Naturally they got the token to increase in price. The Cryptocurrency world is educating ourselves and buy small amounts of coins from the quality exchange.
  • Impersonation fraud – Decentralized money is to be personal. Many scammers should impersonate to high profile investors. It is useful to offers work with our wallet to help to increase the account for a fixed percentage. We should be aware of the scammers. We did not provide our wallet address or key address to anyone. It should be kept securely.
  • Fake free promotion – The impersonators will use promotions like a free bonus, free counseling, free tokens to attract the clients. Every human loves the free product. The free promotion will not come at a heavy cost. Many companies should give fake-free promotions to the customer.