Taunton Museam acrylic signs

Posted on 20th August 2012
Hi All,
I have returned from my week away in Taunton where I have been visiting some family. While we were there myself and my wife had a lovely time looking around Taunton museam, where there was some very interesting history but also some very excellent signage! (Of course being a sign maker one cannot help but notice these things).
It was no suprise then to discover that the museam had recently acquired national lottery funding and therefore had a substaintial boost to its aesthetic impact, most notably in the area of acrylic signs each about A5 size, 10mm thick with lovely chrome stand offs.
Most of you will have probably seen the news and will already know that the biggest find of gold Roman coins in Britain is on show there. It's free to go in and have a look around if you're ever passing Tauton on the M5 and have a spare couple of hours I suggest popping in and having a look. I just thought that might be worth sharing. Happy monday everyone!
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