LED lights, shop signs

Posted on 23rd July 2012
Hi All,
Another long overdue blog update. I'd like to talk briefly about LED's, some of you may have already seen our new Willow Signs LED illuminated sign and for our customers who haven't I'd suggest you take a drive past our workshop when the sun has gone down. It has a photocell which means it only comes on at night to save power but when it does come on it's relly striking. It has colour changing LED's and fades from one colour to the next, hopefully I'll be able to upload a video to show everyone.
We're working on a sign for someone who has requested a LED lit sign, when its finished I'll post the pictures as usual. For now I'd just like to remind everyone that you're always welcome to pop in for a chat and a brew, even if you don't need a sign. It's nice to touch base with everyone.
Pictures and more updates to follow shortly.
Kind Regards,
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