Is Itchy Skin a Symptom of Cancer?

Itchy skin is a serious issue in both males and females. It can occur due to any reason like irritation. Do you know that in some cases, itchy skin can be associated with a serious condition like cancer? If you are in stake about skin cancer then this article will provide genuine data about Causes of itchy skin

Typically, itching skin is known as pruritus and is defined as a sensation of discomfort or irritation that makes you scratch. Itching could be considered as a serious symptom for several types of cancers. It is difficult to detect the causes of itchiness. Moreover, If you suffer from severe Itching, then you can seek help from a skin doctor for the best treatment.

According to a survey, it has been concluded that 10-25% of the overall population suffers from this disease.

What are the Common Characteristics of Cancer-related Itching?

The characteristics of itching are enlisted below:

  • Itching get in touch with water
  • The absence of rash and hives
  • The arrival of other symptoms such as Jaundice (a yellowish color of skin) and lymphoma (weight loss and fever)

Along with that, Itching is also linked with cancer and burning sensation.

Cancer cause Itching to the Skin

Our human body contains several nerve endings that work effectively to make us fit. There are lots of factors through which cancer can lead to itching. Anything that provides discomfort to that nerve endings cause Itching.

  • Direct Inflammation: skin cancer and mucous membranes are the major symptoms of itching. It may include breast cancers like Inflammatory breast cancer that spread directly to the skin.
  • Development of Bile Salts: The breakdown of RBC and bile ducts can lead to the development of Bile salts in a human body. This can turn into itching. In some cases, the development of bile salts is linked with Jaundice.
  • Emmission of Chemicals: Substances released by tumors from human body can cause serious itching.
  • Hormonal Changes: A slight change in the hormone can turn into severe itching. Menopause occured in females may lead to dryness. Hormonal changes may lead to hot flashes and bring out sweat that occurs itching.

If you have doubts in your mind about any skin problem then you can search the skin care clinic for the best results.

Types of Cancers That May Cause Itching

  • Leukemia and Lymphomas

Itching can be present in any type of blood cancer, but the most obvious cancers include Leukemia and Lymphoma. The T-cell lymphomas and the itching both can occur directly in the skin and some inflammatory substances.

  • Skin Cancer

This type of cancer is the common reason for Itching. In basal cell carcinoma found itching is found.

  • Breast Cancer

The itching issue is not common in breast cancer but itching may lead to breast infection. Inflammatory elements increase breast cancer.

  • Liver, Pancreatic Cancer

Bile ducts can cause the build-up of bile salts in the skin. This can cause some serious damage to the skin in the form of rashes & flashes.

  • Metastatic Cancer

This type of cancer is related to skin cancer that may present severe itching. In women, breast cancer is common while in Men’s, it would be lung cancer. Liver metastases can also lead to itching that is similar to liver cancers.

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