Q: I recently purchased a pair of magnetic signs. How do I look after them? 
A: Click Here to see our magnetic sign care and maintenance instructions.

Q: How do I return an item?
A: Click Here to see our returns policy, or go to our Shipping and Returns page

Q: I have a question about how my details are recorded kept (Data Protection)
A: Click Here to read our privacy policy.

Q: I have received my sign but there is an error/spelling mistake on it.
A: We would like to remind all customers that if you upload any information to be printed on a sign, by going through the checkout process you have agreed to be bound by our Terms & Conditions. In other words you have a duty of care to make sure there are no errors or mistakes on your own uploaded artwork before you continue with the purchase. Willow Signs cannot be held liable for such errors.

However amendments can be arranged for a small charge. Please contact us for further information.

Q: I don't have any designs to upload. Can Willow Signs design something for me?
A: Yes we can do this at no additional cost, however we will send you a proof which you will need to sign and return to us.

Q: Do you print leaflets/Business cards?
A: We do offer this service but not online. If you wish to enquire about printing prices please contact us for more information.

Q: I'd like to place a repeat order, do you still have the artwork I gave you previously?
A: We would prefer you send us the artwork you wish to use with each individual order you make. Unless we have gained your explicit concent for us to do so, Willow Signs will not keep any artwork you send to us, any artwork you do use must be your own or you own the appropriate license/distribution rights to use the images in question. (for further information please read our Terms & Conditions).

Q: Where can I find examples of your work?
A: Feel free to browse our Gallery page for just a few examples of the sort of work we do.