Explanation about Mega Session in Hair Transplant Surgery

To maintain proper hair growth, you have to consider various techniques. Hair transplantation methods are advantageous to people. If you want to know regarding hair therapies then this article clears your query as it is based on mega session hair transplant and its measures

Nowadays, hair fall becomes an intense issue among all ages or generations. People of every age suffer from this serious problem. To overcome this, numerous techniques are introduced. The hair transplant process can be done in two different sessions named ‘Mega session’ and ‘Small session’.

What is a Mega session hair transplant?

A Mega Session is stated as a hair transplant process in which up to 2,500- 4,000 grafts can be transplanted. The experienced team of doctors performs Mega Sessions. In some centers, surgeons can transplant only 1000- 2000 grafts. Along with that, there is one more term that is to be considered with a mega session i.e. Dense packing.

This term is usually used in the industry which means the ability of a clinic with a higher number of Follicular units per sq. Cm of the scalp. OR it is defined as the way to place a lot of grafts into a small area of the scalp to recreate fuller, thicker and denser results. Moreover, dense packing also gives you the best & effective results.

Individuals often hire professional doctor as he provides relevant information about mega session hair transplant and its consequences.

What measures are considered for a clinic to perform mega sessions?

A clinic often considers two major things to perform mega sessions both safely & effectively. It is difficult for physicians to perform these kinds of cases alone. It is a complete team effort. A surgeon would take plenty of days to eliminate 2,500 grafts from a human scalp. Treat them by using a microscope, build 2,500 incisions for the grafts and transplant the 2,500 grafts directly into the backside of the head. To make these mega sessions work, the physician operates with a team of experienced & well-practiced technicians. Moreover, these technicians are surgical & medical assistants who have been trained to handle and place grafts.

The technicians are then trained by the surgeon during the process where they know how to work & co-ordinate with the doctor. A mega session is like a highly choreographed performance. In an oiled machine, each part work effectively with the other parts. If it doesn’t work properly, the entire procedure stops. A clinic has 1 technician for 450 grafts. To perform a mega session of placing 2,500 grafts, you require at least 4-5 experienced technicians. In the case of 4,000 or 4,500 grafts, you want more than 7 technicians.

Can a mega session is applicable for both FUE or FUT?

The FUT procedure grants itself for successful mega sessions. In a mega session of FUT, a higher number of grafts are removed effectively, dissected from a microscope into the perfect ones and then successfully placed on to the incisions. This process will finish in many hours and the stress level is low, more importantly, the grafts are perfectly positioned for optimal hair growth. The damage on the donor side is minimal in FUT mega session. The FUT procedure only creates 1 linear scar in the donor region. This means there is only one small area of damaged tissue, the rest is untouched and available for future surgeries.

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